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"There's nothing nicer than pottering around in the studio, feeling inspired, and experimenting with pattern, textures, paints and colour."

Hi I'm Felicity. I live with my gorgeous big family, including 3 dogs and a cat, in the KZN Midlands. I am a self-taught fabric designer, who has always been passionate about pattern, design and colour. It’s such an amazing feeling when a design is evolving…

I guess I feel guided by an intuitive approach to creativity. And, in my own unique style, it feels like something I was born to do. I love the act of creating something new out of nothing, and enjoy the end result when a design finally becomes reality. But the journey is where the magic lives, I’m passionate about the process.

I would love for my work to overflow into your life. For you to be inspired and uplifted, to create a personal, happy space for yourself and others.

Over the years Cottonberry has been fortunate enough to market fabrics through Whatnot Natural Fabrics, Mavromac, Hertex, and George Spencer Designs in London, with whom we exhibited at London Decorex in 2011 and 2012.

We are delighted to have some of the best fabric Agents representing us around South Africa.

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Do you believe in being positive about our country? Yes? SO DO WE!
We love South Africa! At Cottonberry we feel it's really important to support our local People and Industry. So we aim to produce the finest quality product whilst making sure that raw materials are sourced locally, and are ethically produced. Fabric dyes are mostly imported from Italy, but all design and printing is done in South Africa and we take care to support local Textile Mills.


Gratitude, People and Attention

In the studio we like to keep things 'light, bright and casual'. It's an easy, breezy space. And we believe the key to an inspired life, is having an attitude of gratitude. We’ve found that old adage ‘Count your blessings’ to be true, and we take it literally.

We value people

We know that textile and design lovers like you, are the reason we can continue doing what we love. Really…without you, we wouldn’t be! And we rely on so many wonderful, dedicated people in the process of creating and marketing our fabrics. We know that the people we work with, are what make Cottonberry what it is.


You know those days when you feel full of fresh inspiration and energy? Well, we find that mindfulness and being present in the moment help us to feel that vibe. So, as much as counter-intuitive as it sounds, try to do one thing at a time, and put our attention just there. Yes, we like the destination, but we try to savour the journey.

Passionate about the process

Our design evolve through a process of exploration and often experimentation. We use various materials and techniques to develop our designs. Whether we are hand painting, dying, sketching, stamping, printing or working digitally, we love this process of creatively and authentically evolving designs.

At Cottonberry we value harmony and relaxation – elements which are reflected in our design and colour palette.

Inspiration comes from the rich and beautiful natural surroundings in South Africa, as well as colour, design trends, people and travel.