A visit to Madeline Weinrib Showroom in New York

I’ve been sooo looking forward to sharing this experience with you! These are pics of our visit to the Madeline Weinrib showroom in New York. A visual feast which blew our color-obsessed minds, and got our textile-loving hearts racing. So if you’re visiting the big A, and you happen to be ambling down Broadway, in midtown Manhattan, you will stumble upon number 888, and a beautiful, but rather ancient looking painted sign on the wall, next to two big doors. The sign reads ABC Carpet & Home.



Enter at your own risk, friend. You may only emerge days later – dazed, but smiling. As you go in, you’ll find delightful fragrances intermingling with imaginative decor and intriguing accessories from a multitude of cultures. Now, get your bearings. If you’d like to get straight to the Madeline Weinrib showroom, turn to your right, and head towards the lift.  Heaven help you if you are pressed for time. Reaching the lift within the hour will have taken all the willpower available to a breathing human. After an indeterminate number of hours, you will finally arrive at the lift. Take it to the 6th floor.


Madeline Weinrib Showroom


Step out of the lift, turn right, and head in that direction. You’ll be surrounded by a variety of rugs and runners in various designs and sizes. Keep going until you’re met with this gorgeous sight. Oooh-la-la. French chairs, sporting a suitable air of faded glory, and upholstered in unapologetically feminine pink velvet. Aah…those cushions in the background. ‘Nuf said.


Madeline Weinrib Showroom


You will, no doubt, make your way past more beautiful rugs, to feast your eyes on this heady mix of ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ – An Indonesian couch against the back wall, piled with striking Suzaani and Ikat cushions. I love that black metal gazebo, with Japanese detail, stacked high with scatters – actually, we could really do with one of those in the Cottonberry studio! But the best thing since sliced bread has to be the stunning black hand-drawn wallpaper.




Now, when you’re ready, shimmy over to the fabric rack to experience the texture of the exquisite silks and cottons. A fabric lover’s dream come true. I have always loved Madeline Weinrib’s style, and as fellow fabric designer, feel a connection and a genuine gratitude towards her brave, unbridled mix of colour and creativity. It has such an inspiring and expansive effect on the mind and heart.


Madeline Weinrib Showroom


As you make your way back to the lift, you will undoubtedly be stopped in your tracks. The stunning couture cushion display is the piece de resistance. One word. FABULOUS.

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